Employee Guidelines

We expect all our temporary staff to follow the guidelines below. If you have any queries please speak to us ~ we will be happy to clarify any points with you.

General Guidelines

What To Wear

Before every assignment begins you will be fully briefed on the uniform you will be required to wear. You must make sure your uniform is in good condition, clean and ironed for every assignment.

Personal Grooming

Your personal appearance is paramount. You must be clean and presentable every day. As you will be busy during your shifts we recommend you use adequate deodorant protection. Men must be clean shaven, have clean, tidy hair and keep nails short, neat and clean. Women must have clean, tidy hair – long hair should be tied back appropriately, nails should be short, neat and free of nail polish and make up should be subtle and minimal.

All piercings should be removed apart from ear studs. Tattoos should be covered at all times.

Pay Rates and Hours

This will be agreed with you in writing at the point that you receive each assignment. You will have to confirm in writing that you understand and agree before we will confirm you for the shift.

Sickness and Non-Attendance

If you are sick and unable to attend work, or if an emergency situation stops you from working, you MUST contact Coverstaff immediately to let us know.


You will accrue holiday entitlement only while you are working. To apply for holiday pay you must contact Coverstaff so we can organise it for you.

Mobile phones and internet usage

Your mobile phone must be switched off during every shift. If Coverstaff need to contact you as a matter of urgency whilst you are working, we will liaise with the client to get their permission. Use of clients equipment to access the internet and send or receive emails is strictly forbidden unless it has been agreed with your Manager.

Health and Safety

Being safe at work is a priority. At the start of each new assignment the client should induct/brief you on their fire procedures and any other risks you will need to be aware of. If this does not happen, please ask your Manager to inform you.

Client Code of Conduct

You will be expected to respect the Code of Conduct and Regulations of every different company/organisation you work for. You must maintain client confidentiality at all times.

Before Starting and During a Placement

Accepting An Assignment

Once you have agreed and accepted an assignment, we will expect you to honour that booking until it finishes. If you are not sure you will be able to fulfil the commitment, you must not agree to it.

During an Assignment

If your role or duties change significantly during an assignment you must inform Coverstaff. It may be that we would need to re-assess your role with the client.

You are Unhappy in the Role

Even though a role may have seemed perfect for you, you might find that you just don’t like it. If this is the case you must contact Coverstaff immediately and we will deal with it. Do not stop going to work as this will not sort the problem out.

End of an assignment

Finishing an Assignment

When a booking comes to an end you should contact Coverstaff immediately. Do not assume that we will know that you are available for work again. Remember – assignments get filled quickly, so the sooner we know you are looking, the sooner we can get you another placement.