COVID Passports – fact or fiction?

The political website Guido Fawkes, that is both famed and infamous for often being first with breaking political news, posted news on 20th April that seems to confirm government Covid passport plans are well underway.
The NHSX, which is the health service’s technology department, is advertising job openings in London and Leeds. The job ads clearly state the job is: “developing both digital and non-digital options to enable UK residents to assert their Covid status, including both vaccination history and test results.”
The ads stipulate dates and emphasise the urgency of applications reading: “to start with us by Tuesday, 4th May 2021.”
The news comes the same day that Michael Gove and the deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van Tam are in Israel for three days of meetings. When that news broke, a government source was quoted confirming the visit was a fact-finding mission to examine what lessons the UK could learn from the Covid passport scheme in Israel.
The Covid passport system in Israel is called the Green Pass.
Under the scheme, Israeli citizens can have access to venues including hotels, gyms and theatres but only by proving their Covid status.
A Green Pass is accessed via the Israeli Ministry of Health to people that can prove they have been fully vaccinated against Covid, or have recovered from Covid. People can alternatively provide a bona fide negative test result taken in the previous 48 hours to access the same venues.
The job ads seem to require skill sets to follow the Israeli model.
It would seem that plans to follow Israel are far more developed than Boris Johnson intimated at his press conference on 20th April 2021.